Media from FTP

Register to media library from files that have been uploaded by FTP.

* Register to media library from files that have been uploaded by FTP.
* This create a thumbnail of the image file.

Why I made this?
In the media uploader, you may not be able to upload by the environment of server.
That’s when the files are large.
You do not mind the size of the file if FTP.

Media from FTP

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  1. Hi, Katsushi Kawamori!
    Sorry for my bad English.

    Faced with the following problem: if there is an image in the media library / uploads/dir1/001.jpg and want to add a new image /uploads/dir2/001.jpg, the second image is not displayed in the list to add. As if it is not in the directory /uploads/dir2/. I corrected this problem. I can send the appropriate file (MediaFromFtpAdmin.php), if required.

    Reply me by e-mail, please.

    Andrew Smitienko

    1. Dear, Andrew Smitienko
      Thanks for hack.
      Thank you for letting know a serious bug.
      In version2.14, I have fixed this bug.

  2. Hello Katsushi Kawamori,

    Thank you for this plugin. I have a question; If the uploader user non admin, then not showing the FTP uploader menu. Do you have answer for this problem?

    Regards; Kornel

    1. Hello Kornel,
      What is the FTP uploader menu? Is it the function of the wordpress?
      I have created in order to recognize the file uploaded by FTP Client Software this plug-in.
      If you are using the in any other way, Please tell me the way.
      This plug-in can grow.
      Regards; Katsushi Kawamori